Rotaract Club of CRCE


Vision of the Club

“Service above self”

  • Shaping the engineering students to sense service above self with use of technologies, innovative skills ,creative ideas and human values matching for growing expectations of for the betterment of society to build the nation while motivating young minds to be the change they wish to see.

Objectives of the Club

  • To gives students the opportunity to have a better understanding of themselves and the society who can build the nation.
  • To provide platform to be a part of NGOs and volunteer for the change in society
  • To offer a place where enthusiastic young minds gather, communicate, interact and participate in various ways but also learn very important life skills such as confidence, networking, oratory, teamwork, management, punctuality, etc.
  • emphasis respect for the right of others, and promotes ethical standards and the dignity of all useful occupation
  • present the opportunity and continuous training, in doing research and assessment of critical community needs, strategizing, developing plans, creating and managing teams and other resources, raising funds, and celebrating achievements
The theme for the year:

" Win the Vicissitude"

  • We breathe in the effervescence of the epiphany of change throughout our lives, the slow breaths pulsate through our windpipes puffing up the bronchioles, constantly shaping our overall adaptability throughout our lives. But a sudden change, suffocates us, it doesn't have the gentleness of a warm breeze, it's more like a hurricane which makes it difficult to breathe, leading to a convoluted sense of anxiety and nausea.
  • This Vicissitude may bring a tortous taste to our mouth palates which may seem abhorrent at times but this a battle with ourselves that we can't afford to loose. We must fight our basic instincts, our bare ephemeral senses in order to thrive. Surely nobody would blame us, we are new to this game, the odds are stacked against us, splintered between a scintillating full house and a troublesome two of a kind, nothing short of a miracle can foster a royal straight flush right now.
  • But we are Rotaractors, we don't take the easy way out, no matter how hard it gets to breathe, no matter how bad it tastes, we will keep playing with a poker face till we can Win this Vicissitude with an everlasting perpetual demeanor. With that notion, the Rotaract Club of Fr. CRCE is proud to present this year's theme, our guiding compass in these uncharted and turbulent times, " Win the Vicissitude".

Contact Us:


Fr. Agnel Ashram, Bandstand Promenade, Bandra West, W, Maharashtra 400050


PRESIDENT: Kraig Fernandes: +91 99307 41174

SECRETARY: Saptarshi Chatterjee: +91 80172 07392